Many companies skip the brand introspection, purpose, values and philosophy steps which are the key ingredients to building their identity. Instead they go straight to product line planning and marketing tactics and as a result are faced with several issues such as brand misconception, low brand awareness and perception as their image and focus is not clearly defined to the general public, and this results in unprofitability and waste of advertising monies.

They fail to realise that without conscious effort, consumers notice many “intangibles” in how they size up products and brands. They notice price/value relationships, they notice proprietary performance characteristics, design leadership, brand character and imagination.



Therefore in this era of consistent and aggressive competition in the business world, especially as the digital landscape has made it possible for many SMEs to embrace DIY in advertising; there is an urgent need to underscore “Brand Essence” among small and medium enterprises.

The importance of effective branding cannot be overstated because a strong brand name results in strong brand equity. Every brand collateral and procedure ranging from a business name to vision/mission, to logo, to customer service, to mode of operation, plays a key role in communicating the identity of the company to the public.

It is against this background that the SME BRAND CONFERENCE AND EXPO 2017 is being organized; with a theme ‘Unlocking Business Growth through Branding’, to outline and reiterate the rationale for brand essence to business owners on any level. And also to create an environment for SME businesses to exchange ideas relating to brand and brand management. It will be a gathering of entrepreneurial visionaries.


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